Improve your writing 

Targeted Feedback

Everyone learns differently. Your friend may learn best from a written lesson, but you may absorb more from a video or by listening to instruction. MyLab Writing is designed to accommodate a wide range of learning styles by providing multimedia instruction and an adaptive study plan—so you can learn the way that is best for you.

  • In the Writing Assignments, you can use instructor-created peer review rubrics to evaluate and comment on other students' writing.
  • When giving feedback on your writing, instructors can add links to activities that address issues and strategies needed for review. Instructors may link to multimedia resources in Pearson Writer, which includes curated content from Purdue OWL.
  • Paper review by specialized tutors is available through Smarthinking, as is plagiarism detection through Turnitin®.

A centralized writing environment

Everything At Your Fingertips

Tired of toggling back and forth between your document, the assignment instructions, and other resources you need to complete your work? In MyLab Writing, you can compose, with access to your assignment and all relevant materials, in one space.

Instruction tailored to your writing needs

Adaptive Study Plan

As you progress through the course, MyLab Writing evaluates your results on each assessment and recommends new topics for study. The learning path will continually adapt to recommend topics you should review, based on your most recent performance.

Additional Features

Pearson Writer

Within a Writing Assignment, you can access the Writer’s Guide—powered by Pearson Writer—which provides a searchable online reference guide to grammar, writing, and research without leaving the composing space. In an exclusive partnership, Pearson Writer also integrates content from Purdue OWL, the most widely used online resource for writing.

Mobile Access

With access to their MyLab course via their tablet or mobile phone, you can now easily study and complete assignments anywhere at any time!

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Assignment Calendar

Never miss an assignment again. The Assignment Calendar in MyLab helps you track your progress in the course. Simply keep an eye on it and you'll never miss an assignment again.