Build listening skills

Active Listening Guides

Active Listening Guides bring music to life, helping you understand how to listen critically. Pearson’s interactive guides use text descriptions and visual indicators to show how musical elements — such as melody, timbre, form, and texture — change in the course of a musical piece. This allows you  to visualize the elements you’re hearing, and understand their impact. Listening Guides are found in every chapter, allowing you  to build on your knowledge, and master listening for the different  elements, which is the key to understanding music.

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Identify key musical styles and composers

Needle-Drop Listening Activities

Needle-Drop activities assess your understanding of what happens during a 30-second audio clip in real time. Questions that accompany the clip prompt you to note a change in a key musical element, identify an example of a musical term, and so on. The Needle-Drop questions are included in the pre-test, post-test, and chapter exam questions for each chapter.

Listen to a sample mp3

Bring music to life

Performance and Documentary Videos

Performance videos enhance your understanding of musical forms, while documentary videos offer brief overviews of the cultural background of different styles of music, helping you to understand historical context.

Listen to the elements

Elements of Music Tutorials

These tutorials will help you explore the nature and function of each element to learn how they work together to create the music we hear. Available with Music Appreciation courses.

Elements of Music Tutorial

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