MyMathTest Tour Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page and Student Features page.

Hi, I'm here to talk to you about some of the exciting features you'll find in MyMathTest.

MyMathTest is Pearson’s online testing and remediation application for developmental and college-level mathematics.

MyMathTest is used for test preparation or short refresher courses, but can also be used to help determine readiness for specific courses.

The testing engine now features adaptive testing, which shortens the testing time for most students by serving up test items based on students’ prior answers.

Instructors need to provide a way for students to remediate gaps in skills.

With MyMathTest, students are able to quickly and efficiently brush up on skills they have not mastered.

The Study Plan shows students what they need to work on, based on the results of an initial test.

Within the study plan, students work on tutorial exercises that feature guided instruction to help them master content as they work through the plan.

Students have access to MyMathTest for 16 weeks, providing ample time for remediation.

Instructors need to determine student readiness for specific classes through testing, but want to keep the testing process as brief as possible to minimize testing fatigue.

Through Adaptive Testing,  instructors have the ability to create adaptive tests to determine student readiness for specific courses.

Adaptive tests result in a shorter testing experience for students, with less risk of student test fatigue.

Each test item that students receive is based on their response to previous items, allowing MyMathTest to accurately determine readiness using fewer items than a non-adaptive test.

Finally, instructors need a clear view of the test results and a way to communicate a clear picture of the next steps for students.

With the  Reporting feature, instructors have a powerful reporting engine that provides all levels of reports needed.

Communication tools make it easy to spell out next steps for students.
And there you have it. That was a quick look at just a handful of the valuable features in MyMathTest.

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