Testing for any scenario

Comprehensive Testing Options

You can use, adapt, or create tests that assess students' skills from developmental math through calculus. Items are algorithmically generated and vary with each usage. Tests can be adaptive (where each item students work on depends on answers to previous items), consist of a fixed set of items, or consist of items drawn from pre-defined pools. In addition, you can choose from a range of administration options including time limits, proctoring (e.g., password protection and IP-restricted addresses), and maximum number of attempts allowed.

Find each student's strengths and weaknesses

Adaptive Testing

With MyMathTest you can use, adapt, or create adaptive tests, designed to diagnose student readiness for one or more courses or modules. Adaptive tests are generally shorter than traditional tests, allowing you to assess a wide range of content with less risk of student test fatigue. Students who demonstrate mastery (or a lack of mastery) early in their testing experience will have shorter tests.

Give students a plan for success

Remediation for Gaps in Skills

MyMathTest allows students to quickly and efficiently brush up on skills they have not mastered. The Study Plan shows students what they need to work on, based on the results of an initial test. Students work on tutorial exercises that feature guided instruction to help them master content as they work through the plan.

Get your results and get going

Powerful Reporting Features

MyMathTest provides faculty members with the ability to both review the results of student progress and communicate these results to students. Reports range from high level analysis to detailed item analysis or individual student reports. You control what students see as the result of taking tests.

Manage Multiple Programs

Coordinator-and-Member Features

Using MyMathTest's coordinator-and-members feature, you can update all the copies of a test program at once. You create a master program, called a coordinator, and then make copies, called members. Changes you make to the master program are automatically made in the members.