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MyLab Math is the online learning platform that combines trusted author content with digital tools to help you personalize learning experiences and improve results for each student. Learn more on Why It Works

Your course is unique. So whether you'd like to build your own assignments, teach many sections, or set pre-requisites, you have the flexibility to create your course to fit your needs in any course format.


Empower each student with personalized learning tools

Each student learns at a different pace. Personalized learning pinpoints the precise areas your students need to practice, giving every student the support they need — when and where they need it — to be successful. 

  • With Personalized Homework, students take a quiz or test and receive subsequent homework that is personalized based on their performance. 
  • With Companion Study Plan Assignments, you can assign the Study Plan for practice as a prerequisite to a test or quiz.
  • Available for developmental math MyLab courses, Skill Builder offers adaptive practice that is designed to increase students' ability to complete their assignments.
  • For Educator Studies of pre/post course performance using Personalized Homework in MyLab, read here

Support corequisite courses

Pearson's offerings for corequisite courses let you choose what support, and how much, works best for your corequisite course. All corequisite solutions maximize the flexibility of the MyLab platform — which can personalize learning and provide targeted support — so you can tailor your solutions to fit your corequisite, and not the other way around.

Available up and down the Mathematics and Statistics curriculum, Integrated Review in MyLab Math can be used for just-in-time prerequisite review or for corequisite courses.
  • Pre-made Skills Check quizzes assess prerequisite skills needed for the upcoming chapter and identify gaps for each student. 
  • Learning resources such as videos, worksheets and personalized practice offer targeted, just-in-time remediation for these prerequisite skills. 
  • Each student receives just the help they need on prerequisite skills — no more, no less. 

In addition to Integrated Review solutions, select titles offer even more robust corequisite support, often designed by the author or utilizing the author's own voice in the corequisite review resources.

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Keep online learning interactive

Interactive MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics courses offer a new type of digital learning experience. Written entirely in MyLab, Interactive Assignments ask students to interact with material and check their understanding as they go, encouraging active participation with concepts.

Interactive MyLab courses can be used for any course format — but are particularly ideal for completely online, flipped, or hybrid courses, due to the interactive learning experience for students. With pre-assigned, editable assignments, these ready-to-go courses can be used as is for easy start-up, or can be tailored to your course needs.

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Better understand student performance

Data & Analytics

MyLab Math gives instructors a comprehensive gradebook with enhanced reporting functionality that makes it easier for instructors to understand which students are struggling, and which topics they struggle with most.

Performance analytics, accessed through the gradebook, give you the insight you need to make more informed decisions for remediation and instruction. 

Now available — Early Alerts use predictive analytics to identify struggling students as early as possible, even if their assignment scores are not a cause for concern. As always, within MyLab Math it is easy for you to engage students directly and provide feedback.  


Give students tools for visualization and conceptual understanding

GeoGebra Exercises

GeoGebra Exercises are gradable graphing exercises that help students demonstrate their understanding. Assigned alongside our MyLab math homework exercises, they enable students to interact directly with the graph in a manner that reflects how they would graph on paper. 

Interactive Figures 

Interactive Figures bring mathematical concepts to life, helping students see the concepts through directed explorations and purposeful manipulation. These figures are assignable in MyLab Math and encourage active learning, critical thinking, and conceptual understanding. 


Link from your LMS to MyLab Math

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

You can now link from Blackboard Learn, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, or Moodle to MyLab Math. Access assignments, rosters, and resources, and synchronize grades with your LMS gradebook.

For students, single sign-on provides access to all the personalized learning resources that make studying more efficient and effective.

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Link from your LMS to MyLab Math

Additional Features

Imagine the impact of first-day access on your course

Offering course content through the Pearson Inclusive Access model can help students achieve more by providing affordable, high-quality digital course materials on or before the first day of class. Because all students have access by day one, faculty can start teaching and students can start learning. Learn more about Inclusive Access.

Easily scalable and shareable content

MyLab Math lets you manage multiple class sections, and other instructors can copy your settings so a standardized syllabus can be maintained across your department. If you've spent time customizing your MyLab Math course and want to use the same course next semester, you can copy your existing course, preserve all your customizations, and share with other instructors.

Extend learning beyond the classroom

Pearson eText is an easy-to-use digital textbook. It lets students customize how they study and learn with enhanced search and the ability to create flashcards, highlight, and add notes all in one place. The mobile app lets students learn wherever life takes them, offline or online. Learn more about Pearson eText.


Custom Exercise Builder

The MyLab Custom Question Builder (CQB) within MyLab Math lets you create static and algorithmic online exercises for a wide variety of mathematical and statistical topics. A library of sample exercises provides an easy starting point for creating questions, and you can also create questions from scratch or edit questions from your course's online test bank.

Tools to increase motivation

  • Personal Inventory Assessments are a collection of online exercises designed to promote self-reflection and engagement in students. These 33 assessments include topics such as Stress Management Assessment, Diagnosing Poor Performance and Enhancing Motivation, and Time Management Assessment. 
  • Mindset Videos and assignable, open-ended exercises foster a growth mindset in students. This material encourages them to maintain a positive attitude about learning, value their own ability to grow, and view mistakes as learning opportunities — so often a hurdle for math students.

Learning Catalytics

With Learning Catalytics, you’ll hear from every student when it matters most.  

You pose a variety of questions that help students recall ideas, apply concepts, and develop critical-thinking skills. Your students respond using their own smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

You can monitor responses with real-time analytics and find out what your students do — and don’t — understand. Then, you can adjust your teaching accordingly, and even facilitate peer-to-peer learning, helping students stay motivated and engaged.

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