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Maintaining Skills

Pearson’s College Algebra, Precalculus, and Trigonometry authors are committed to students—helping them retain essential information and maintain skills needed for success in current as well as future math courses.

Learn how MyLab Math helps your students maintain their skills:

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Pearson authors have developed the following features within MyLab Math to help students refresh key prerequisite content “just in time.”

Maintaining Skills-Type Exercises

Pearson authors have developed exercises to support ongoing review and help students retain mathematical concepts. These exercise types are available in their respective texts and are also assignable in MyLab Math.

Sullivan & Sullivan's Retain Your Knowledge Exercises are an example of how Pearson authors provide ongoing review to help students maintain skills.

Trigsted’s College Algebra Interactive

Trigsted’s College Algebra Interactive is an exciting new type of MyLab Math course. The power of this new type of course is in the interactive assignments. This new assignment type is only available in the Interactive MyLab Math courses and brings the text, videos, animations, media assets, and assessment together into one seamless learning experience. Students are asked to read a little, watch a little, and do a little as they work through the course!

With this revolutionary, innovative new learning environment, students are responsible for their learning and retaining concepts like never before. Ultimately, this approach leads to a deeper understanding and better results in the course.

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Pearson Programs

The following programs are specifically designed to help your students be better prepared.

Beecher / Penna / Bittinger Precalculus Series

  • Algebraic/Graphical Side-by-Side Examples
  • Mid-Chapter Review Exercises
  • Synthesis Exercises

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Dugopolski Precalculus Series

  • Review Your Knowledge Exercises
  • Skills for Success Modules

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Lial Precalculus Series

  • Cumulative Review
  • Pre-built Cumulative Quizzes in the College Algebra Essentials Ready to Go Course

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Hornsby / Lial / Rockswold Precalculus Series

  • Reviewing Basic Concepts Exercises
  • Algebra Reviews

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Ratti / McWaters Precalculus Series

  • Maintaining Skills Exercises

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Sullivan Concepts Through Functions Precalculus Series

  • Retain Your Knowledge Exercises
  • Preparing for this Section and “Are You Prepared?” Exercises
  • Mixed Practice Exercises

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Sullivan Flagship Series

  • Retain Your Knowledge Exercises
  • Preparing for this Section and "Are You Prepared?" Exercises

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