Stay up to date on assignments due

An easy-to-read dashboard with an assignment calendar provides you with a clear learning path and allows you to see when assignments are due, access feedback from your instructor, and monitor your progress at a glance.

Assignment Calendar

Mobile Dynamic Study Modules tailor learning to you

Certain MyLab Languages in Spanish and French offer Amplifire Online Dynamic Study Modules, which students tell us improve learning and long-term retention of vocabulary and grammar. These modules use an application based on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology on how we learn best. By using them, you’ll master critical course concepts, resulting in your ability to immediately put the language you’re studying to use in class!


Instant help with English grammar if and when you need it!

Online English Grammar Readiness Checks test your understanding of English grammar and offer animated English Grammar Tutorials on topics on which you need to brush up. Online Interactive Grammar Tutorials offer narrated explanations and illustrated examples to help you further comprehend the concepts you are learning. Each tutorial ends with a computerized comprehension check with instant feedback, ensuring that you grasp a given concept.

Instant help with English grammar if and when you need it!

New synchronous audio and video recording tools let you practice speaking “live”

Based on requests from instructors and students, MyLab Languages now offers synchronous audio and video recording capability, so learners can easily practice speaking outside the classroom. 

Participate in speaking activities in which you engage in conversation with other students in your class. “See” who in your class is available to speak, engage in an online video and audio chat, and record your conversation. The tool allows you to record as many times as you like prior to submitting the activity to your instructor for feedback.

Communicate “live” with native speakers from around the world

In collaboration with WeSpeke, chapter-specific activities allow you to practice new language “live” with native speakers of your choosing from around the world. You can select native speaking partners from any country you choose and complete activities that put your newly acquired language to use in the “real” world.