Engage students with immersive content, tools, and experiences

Created by and for language instructors and learners, MyLab Languages brings together a wide array of language-learning tools and resources for your language course.

Engage students with immersive content, tools, and experiences.

Synchronous audio and video recording tools

Support oral practice outside the classroom.

MyLab Languages offers synchronous audio and video recording capability, so instructors can easily facilitate oral practice outside the classroom.

Assign speaking activities that motivate learners to demonstrate their ability to engage in conversation with other students in the class. Learners “see” who in their class is available to speak, engage in an online video and audio chat, and record their conversation.

The tool transmits the video and audio recording to the gradebook, where instructors can then review, comment, or leave feedback, and assign a grade.

Extensive online resources facilitate personalized learning for every student

MyLab Languages is the only online learning and assessment system that offers optional English Grammar Readiness Checks, which test students' understanding of grammar topics in English and provide personalized remediation via animated tutorials.

Throughout every MyLab Languages course, feedback bubbles in auto-graded activities give students instant hints on how to approach an activity or why a given answer is incorrect.

When students try the activity a second time, the "Need help?" feature links to specific sections in the eText and additional resources directly related to the activity's concept. The result is improved student performance.

Give students access to their Pearson eText anytime, anywhere

Pearson eText

Pearson eText is a simple-to-use, personalized reading experience available within MyLab.

Students can use their computer or the mobile app to easily highlight and take notes all in one place — even when offline.

Seamlessly integrated videos and rich media* give students access to the help they need, when they need it.

You can also share your own notes with students so they see the connection between their reading and what they learn in class.

*Available with select titles.

Track student success

Robust Gradebook

The online gradebook automatically tracks your students' results on tests, homework, and practice exercises and gives you control over managing results and calculating grades.

The gradebook provides a number of flexible grading options, including exporting grades to a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

NEW! Upgraded gradebook search and filtering functionality help you pinpoint what you need. Now available in your MyLab Languages gradebook.

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Promote peer-to-peer learning with real-time analytics

Learning Catalytics™

Many language instructors have been successfully implementing pair and group work for years, but they've had difficulties maintaining a focus on the task, monitoring progress, and measuring outcomes of such work.

Learning Catalytics is an interactive classroom tool that allows every student to participate. Instructors ask ​a​ ​variety​ ​of​ questions and students​ answer ​using​ ​their​ ​smartphones,​ ​tablets,​ ​or​ ​laptops to show that ​they​ ​do — or ​don’t — understand. Instructors monitor​ ​responses​ to adjust their ​teaching​ approach, and even set up ​peer-to-peer​ ​learning. More importantly, they use ​real-time​ ​analytics​ to ​address​ ​student misconceptions​ ​the​ ​moment​ ​they​ ​occur and ensure they hear​ ​from​ ​every​ ​student​ ​when​ ​it​ ​matters most.

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Link from your LMS to MyLab Process Technology

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

You can now link from Blackboard Learn, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, or Moodle to MyLab Process Technology. Access assignments, rosters, and resources, and synchronize grades with your LMS gradebook.

For students, single sign-on provides access to all the personalized learning resources that make studying more efficient and effective.

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Link from your LMS to MyLab Process Technology

Additional Features

Imagine the impact of first-day access on your course

Offering course content through the Pearson Inclusive Access model can help students achieve more by providing affordable, high-quality digital course materials on or before the first day of class. Because all students have access by day one, faculty can start teaching and students can start learning. Learn more about Inclusive Access.

Easily scalable and shareable content

MyLab enables you to manage multiple class sections, and lets other instructors copy your settings so a standardized syllabus can be maintained across your department. Should you want to use the same MyLab course next semester, with the same customized settings, you can copy your existing course exactly — and even share it with other faculty members.