MyLab Helping Professions Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page and Student Features page.

Hi. I’m here to talk to you about some of the exciting features you’ll find in MyLab Helping Professions.

Created specifically for students and instructors in the helping professions, MyLab Helping Professions is designed to support mastery and application of the skills they need for successful careers in the helping professions.

To be effective helping professionals, it is essential that students spend time observing and analyzing client and helper interactions.

MyLab Helping Professions’ video- and case-based application exercises are an easy way for you to provide high-quality, consistent learning experiences—without spending valuable time gathering videos or creating exercises from scratch.

Video Application Exercises feature actual client sessions or high-quality role plays. As students observe and analyze experts in action, they learn effective theories and techniques that they can use in their own careers.

Accompanying questions with immediate answer feedback encourage students to think critically and apply what they’ve learned.

The Video Library offers even more chances for students to increase their observation time. Over five hundred video clips show real-world client sessions or realistic role-play scenarios, giving students first-hand insight into the field.

All of the clips are organized by course topic and searchable by keyword so that students can easily dig deeper into an area of interest. And, you can use the library for in-class activities or to create your own video-based assignments.

Licensure and credentialing quizzes are also built into MyLab Helping Professions so that students can prepare for their career exams.

Instead of trying to cram for the exams at the end of the program, students can check their understanding of exam topics throughout the course.

Multiple-choice quizzes are automatically graded so they can quickly identify what they’ve learned and what they still need to brush up on.

Every Social Work and Human Services instructor knows how important it is to align their course to professional standards and essential learning outcomes.

However, most of you also know how time consuming it can be to find activities and videos that meet those standards—time that could be better spent teaching.

That’s why MyLab Helping Professions organizes all assignments around essential learning outcomes and either the CSWE EPAS for Social Work or the CSHSE Standards for Human Services.

All of the content is already mapped for you. A downloadable standards map clearly outlines which MyLab assignments meet which standards.

And, since your students’ responses are recorded in the gradebook, you can easily track grades by standards or identify where you may need to focus your instruction.

In addition to mastering the standards, it’s essential that students develop the techniques and decision-making skills they need to effectively work with clients.

And there you have it. That was a quick look at just a handful of the valuable features in MyLab Helping Professions.

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Thanks for watching.