MyLab IT Video Transcript

IT students agree — when it comes to learning Microsoft® Office, hands-on work is a must. MyLab IT delivers trusted one-to-one content through an active, authentic learning experience. Rather than memorizing course material, students must decide for themselves when, why, and how to apply skills.

The result? Learning that lasts — and career-ready students.

With the prebuilt learning modules in MyLab IT, course setup is a snap. Students follow a predesigned path of activities, which can include simulations, Grader projects, and student resources, to support effective learning. They have to master each activity before moving on to the next one. You can easily customize any of these learning paths.

Need a course solution for both PC and Mac users? You’re all set. MyLab IT 2019 Grader projects are written for both PC and Mac users. Plus, Mac tips throughout the text help all students learn the skills successfully.

MyLab IT gives students a leg up in their job search. Learners can earn badges proving they’re digitally literate or proficient in Microsoft Office. With our critical thinking badge, they can show future employers they’re capable of high-level analysis and problem-solving. Students can post their badges to social media to make real connections with hiring managers.

MyLab IT also keeps you current with changes to Microsoft Office 365. That’s because we regularly revise the eText and Grader projects to capture these updates.

Better content, delivered authentically — to prepare students for the workplace.

Get your students ready for 21st-century success — with MyLab IT.