Enabling practice in authentic contexts

Research has shown that simulated practice environments that align closely with authentic, real-world applications can afford deep levels of learning and engagement. One key element this research shows is that it is important to balance realism and functionality, such that the simulation provides adequate development of the skill, while not overloading novice learners’ working memory.

By enabling students to practice realistic tasks in environments that closely mirror the applications they’ll be using in the workplace (such as the Microsoft Office suite), Pearson MyLab IT provides powerful tools for learning.

  • Simulations offer opportunities to practice targeted skills, offering assistance as needed and guiding students to focus only on key actions needed to complete the given task.
  • Grader Projects provide an even more high-fidelity practice experience within the Microsoft Office suite itself. These projects give students a chance to apply what they’ve learned in an authentic context.
  • Managing complexity exceptionally well, Pearson MyLab IT’s functionality matches the learner’s level of competence throughout the learning process.

When used in tandem, simulations and Grader Projects promote practice of the skills needed to progress from novice to advanced.

Learn how Pearson MyLab IT reduces extraneous cognitive load