MyLab IT Grader

What is it?

MyLab IT Grader lets instructors assign projects that students complete live in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, and then submit for immediate grading by the MyLab IT grading engine. The grading engine will also capture Potential Integrity Violations at both the content and document level.

How does it work?

Each MyLab IT Grader Project contains three stages:

  1. The learner downloads a "Project Start File" and a set of instructions;
  2. The learner works on the project in Microsoft Office, outside of MyLab IT;
  3. The learner uploads the completed project file and submits for grading and grades automatically flow to the educator gradebook.

How is MyLab IT Grader used to earn a badge?

  • MyLab IT contains many Grader projects, written by Pearson IT authors, that correlate to specific textbook assignments. These "chapter projects" are commonly assigned as regular coursework activities.
  • MyLab IT ALSO contains "Capstone Projects" that require the skills presented in an entire textbook volume - typically 3 or 4 chapters of materials - to complete. These projects are typically assigned as end-of-unit activities or cumulative assessments.
Newly redesigned grader project submission process