Frequently Asked Questions

Do MyLab IT Badges cost anything?

No. Learners with an existing MyLab IT subscription can earn MyLab IT Badges by mastering a specific activity assigned by an educator.

What do I have to do to earn a MyLab IT Badge?

To earn a MyLab IT Badge, you must complete, submit, and pass a MyLab IT Grader "Capstone" Project (Application Badge) or objective-based assessment (Critical Thinking Badge and Digital Competency Badge) with a score of 90% or better and without any Potential Integrity Violations.

What is a "Grader Capstone Project?"

MyLab IT contains "Chapter" projects that align to specific textbook assignments, and "Capstone" projects that require the skills presented in an entire textbook volume (typically 3-4 chapters). MyLab IT Application Badges are issued based on completion of Capstone projects only.

Why do MyLab IT Application Badges require completion of Grader Capstone Projects as opposed to MyLab IT Simulation Activities?

Industry certification exams like Microsoft Office Specialist are "project-based," just like with MyLab IT Grader Projects, meaning that you must complete multiple tasks in a cumulative fashion. Additionally, MyLab IT Grader requires the learner to use actual Office Productivity Software, as opposed to a replica of that software, so it's more life-like.

I completed a MyLab IT Grader Capstone project and received a 90% score or better, but did not earn a MyLab IT Badge. Why did this happen?

You did not receive a MyLab IT Badge for one of two reasons:

  1. MyLab IT Grader projects contain security measures that detect Potential Integrity Violations. If your project submission has been flagged with a Potential Integrity Violation, we recommend that you discuss this matter with your instructor.
  2. Your instructor may have accidentally assigned multiple copies of the MyLab IT Grader Capstone Project.

If your project was not flagged with a Potential Integrity Violation, please contact Pearson 24/7 Technical Support.

What's with the "Series" references for MyLab IT Badges?

Office Applications content in MyLab IT is published in four series, based on the four textbook series published by Pearson. All four textbook series cover, with slight variation, the exact same Microsoft Office skills and course content, but do so with different pedagogical approaches. Educators select these series based on these unique instructional orientations based on specific needs for the learner, educator, academic institution, and local business requirements.

Does every MyLab IT badge earner complete a project from each series?

No. An educator would typically select only one Series for a given IT course, though depending on specific curricula, a learner may earn multiple badges per course, either from different Office Applications or levels for a specific Office Application.

I need technical support for MyLab IT Badges. What resources are available?

For questions or concerns, use the following links: