Prepare for class, quizzes, and tests

Homework Assignments

Streamline your study time and come to class more prepared with MyLab HVAC homework assignments.

These multiple-choice assignments provide immediate feedback to help you identify the chapter content you have not mastered. Learning Aids—including eText pages—are provided throughout to support your learning.

Develop diagnostic skills and prepare for your first day on the job

Troubleshooting Simulations

These game-like simulations—80 in all!—challenge you to develop your diagnostic troubleshooting skills as you practice in a safe and fun environment.

Using a simulated voltmeter, you’ll apply a step-by-step component test method until the defective component is found. You can save or print a job sheet at the end of each simulation listing the steps you took to complete the simulation.

As you work through the practice simulations, you’ll master key skills and gain the confidence you need for success in your course and your career.

Learn at your own pace

Interactive Learning Modules

Interactive modules allow you to work through the material at your own pace. Designed to help you come to class more prepared, these guided review, practice, and application activities feature embedded textbook images, interactive exercises (drag & drop, sorting, quiz questions, etc.) and glossary links.

Bring tough concepts to life

Videos and Video Clips

Prepare for class, shop, or your first day on the job with our library of 130 narrated videos and brief video clips.

Far more engaging than a static textbook page, videos and video clips bring difficult HVACR concepts to life.

Available whenever and wherever you choose to learn, the videos provide easy-to-follow instructional tips and demonstrations of complex systems, skills, and concepts.

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