Take a fun, realistic tour of hospitality

Hospitality and Tourism Interactive (HTI)

Within MyLab Hospitality is HTI: an innovative, interactive application that allows you to explore the exciting world of the hospitality industry in a simulated environment. Through activity-based learning, you’ll gain practical experience in developing customer service, service quality, and leadership skills.

HTI is set in the virtual world of Little Wolfe Island which features icons/areas for exploration that represent the various sectors/components/categories of the hospitality industry such as lodging, food service, etc. You will meet characters (avatars) who will share information about their job and their career and give activities to complete. After you complete the activities, you’re given a score that represents your knowledge of that particular learning objective. You’ll progress through the characters in each learning module and are rewarded by unlocking new characters and activities.

Professional practice

Case Studies

The authentic industry Case Study activities in MyLab Hospitality help you develop the professional decision-making skills you’ll use on the job, and provide important practice opportunities to apply the content you are learning in real-world situations.

Study better — and at your own pace

Dynamic Study Modules

Dynamic Study Modules use the latest developments in cognitive science to help you study chapter topics by adapting to your performance in real time.

As a result, you build the confidence needed to deepen understanding, participate meaningfully, and perform better — in and out of class.

Available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Watch a video

Having trouble watching the video? Read the transcript.

Study on the go

Flash Cards and Lecture Note Presentations

To help you master professional vocabulary while on the go, the interactive Flash Cards in MyLab Hospitality are now available for use on mobile devices.

Lecture Note Presentations for every chapter present important chapter concepts and serve as a convenient study guide to use before, during, and after class.

Additional Features

Pearson eText: access anytime, anywhere

Pearson eText is a simple-to-use, personalized reading experience available within MyLab. You can use your computer or the mobile app to easily highlight and take notes all in one place — even when offline. And, seamlessly integrated videos and rich media* give you access to the help you need, when you need it.

*Available with select titles.

24/7 access to online tutors*

Need help with homework? Everyone does once in a while. MyLab enables you to work one-on-one, in real-time with a tutor using an interactive whiteboard. Tutors will guide you through solving your problems using a problem-solving-based teaching style to help you learn underlying concepts. In this way, you’ll be better prepared to handle future assignments on your own.

*Please note that tutoring is available in selected MyLab products, and in those products you are eligible for one tutoring session of up to 30 minutes duration with your course. Additional hours can be purchased at reasonable rates.