MyLab Health Professions Video Transcript

Looking for an engaging way to learn — both in and out of class?

MyLab Health Professions is your solution.

This dynamic digital platform — from Pearson — helps students master and apply essential healthcare skills.

It’s available for varied disciplines in the health professions — from basic health sciences and medical assisting to medical insurance, billing, and coding.

MyLab features may vary by discipline and by Pearson text to meet the unique needs of each course and each student.

MyLab Health Professions includes a wealth of practice opportunities integrated with your text.

This includes homework, quizzes, case studies, and practice certification exams.

Personalized, adaptive learning helps students streamline and optimize their study sessions.

With Decision Making Cases, learners build clinical reasoning skills by deciding how to act in a range of situations.

Dynamic Study Modules adapt to students’ performance by responding to their strengths and weaknesses. As they go, learners build confidence and deepen their understanding.

Students even receive a personalized Study Plan based on their performance on assignments.

With videos, animations, games, and activities, MyLab Health Professions has something for every type of learner.

All this — PLUS the convenience of Pearson eText, a robust gradebook, instructor resources, and communication tools.

Students who think like healthcare professionals. Instructors who prepare them for success. That’s the power of MyLab Health Professions.

To learn more about MyLab and the resources available for your Pearson text, visit