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Everything you need, all in one program

Preloaded Assessment and Instruction

Each MyLab Foundational Skills course offers a comprehensive content library that includes preloaded curriculum – assessment, instruction, practice, and post-assessment – that may be used as is or easily customized to the specific objectives of your program.

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Save time grading papers

Writing Solutions

Writing assignments build important analytical skills but can be grading intensive. Writing Solutions saves time by helping to score and assess students’ writing and critical thinking.

You can choose from three scoring methods — one manual and two automated — with each offering a different level of system input. With both automated grading options, you can always adjust scores as you see fit.

Writing Solutions also lets you create assignments, upload materials, see student progress, and access a library of writing prompts and grading rubrics.

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Meet each student at his or her own level of ability

Personalized Learning Pathways

Based on the initial performance of a pre-assessment, MyLab Foundational Skills generates a personalized learning path for each student. The learning path indicates areas of proficiency for each content area and offers direct links to the specific topics where skill building is needed, at the exact level he or she needs it. As they work through the program, students can see their improvement with visual icons and progress bars as they “master” individual topics.

Break traditional barriers to learning

Competency-based, Self-paced Learning

No two students learn the same way. Each MyLab Foundational Skills learning path includes competency-based learning “activities,” designed to help students build confidence and proficiency in specific skills. Scaffolded items include instructional overviews, tutorials, videos, interactive practice exercises (with instant feedback and step-by-step help), and brief post-tests to demonstrate mastery. Students become actively engaged in their own learning processes and break traditional barriers to learn at their own pace.

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Flexible solutions

Improve outcomes, persistence, and completion

Flexible Solutions

From GED® coursework to developmental course redesign and accelerated “fast-track” initiatives, MyLab Foundational Skills offers the breadth, depth, and flexibility to be used in a variety of programs serving diverse populations of students. With its personalized instruction and guided feedback, MyLab Foundational Skills enables students of varying academic abilities to learn at their own pace and build requisite skills to advance to the next level toward their career or postsecondary goals.

Measure student outcomes

Gradebook and Reporting Capabilities

After students complete an activity, MyLab Foundational Skills analyzes their results to provide personalized assignments focused on just the topics and objectives that they have yet to master. The Gradebook allows you to track student performance as it corresponds to the learning outcomes for the course.

Using Item Analysis, you’re able to track class-wide understanding of particular objectives, so you can refine your program accordingly. With a few clicks, you can send personal feedback — positive reinforcement on a job well done, and words of encouragement and intervention where needed. Just-in-time teaching has never been easier.

Link from your LMS to MyLab Foundational Skills

Link from your LMS to MyLab Foundational Skills

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

You can now link from Blackboard Learn, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, or Moodle to MyLab Foundational Skills. Access assignments, rosters, and resources, and synchronize grades with your LMS gradebook.

For students, single sign-on provides access to all the personalized learning resources that make studying more efficient and effective.

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Additional Features

Study skills for success

MyLab Foundational Skills includes a Study Skills module to prepare students for ongoing persistence and success. The module includes self-assessments — with feedback on challenging topics — appropriate for both traditional and nontraditional learners.

  • 21st Century Skills: Developing a Growth Mindset and Developing Digital Literacy.
  • Organizational Skills: Time Management, Stress Management, and Concentrating.
  • Effective Study Skills: Getting the Most From Your Reading, Rehearsal Strategies, Effective Note Taking, Studying Smarter, Preparing for and Taking Exams, and Math–Reading connections.

Support for the Entire Literacy Spectrum

MyLab Foundational Skills now supports students across the entire literacy spectrum, from pre-literacy and pre-numeracy — letter recognition and counting — through college-level skills. Additionally, MyLab Foundational Skills offers content to help students build Digital Literacy — the 21st century’s new basic skill.

Assistance for ESL learners

Select MyLab Foundational Skills courses now include a comprehensive ESL Skills content area. Content includes more than 100 Grammar, Reading, and Listening topics across a range of difficulty levels. Over 500 learning activities with instruction, practice, and assessment include readings, visuals, and audio to help students build proficiency.

Access anytime, anywhere

MyLab Foundational Skills offers reliable, 24/7 vendor-hosted, web-based delivery—allowing students, educators, staff, and administrators access to their resources whenever and wherever they need it, from any Mac or PC with an internet connection.

Continuously adaptive learning

With MyLab Foundational Skills, educators can choose to incorporate Skill Builder help into their activities. Powered by a powerful adaptive learning engine, MyLab monitors student performance and provides personalized recommendations to help them gain mastery in the most efficient way.

Capacity-building solutions

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