Mini Sims

Real-world simulations help students think like professionals

With Mini Sims, students act as marketers, managers, entrepreneurs, and even CEOs as they apply course concepts to realistic business challenges they’re likely to experience in their future careers.

Mini Sim concepts center around key course topics such as leadership, accounting, and supply and demand. Tied to the text’s chapter learning objectives, they help students seamlessly transition from their book to the simulation — without breaking stride.

Engage students in active learning

With Mini Sims, students can engage with course content like never before.

Strengthen students’ ability to think critically

Students begin by making a series of decisions to better understand and apply course concepts. The Mini Sim then changes, branching and creating various scenario paths based on the answers given. This provides students with a personalized learning experience and the opportunity to build and develop their critical-thinking skills.

Help students understand the impact of their decisions

As students make decisions, they are awarded points for their answers and offered immediate feedback. Similar to the business world, not all answers are perfect, so students can see if they made the ‘best choice,’ an ‘ok choice,’ or ‘not the best choice.’ Mentoring Moments and Your Boss’s Response also offer contextual feedback and additional learning opportunities to help students master the content. Upon completion of the simulation, students receive their score and summative feedback. By clicking on each decision point, they can dig deeper for more detail — to fully understand their choices and how they impact other areas of an organization. Links to the Enhanced eText provide additional remediation and support.

See which concepts learners have mastered or need to review

Four powerful reports allow instructors to see a brief overview of overall performance and results at individual, course, and learning outcome levels. This feedback provides professors with deeper student awareness and the opportunity to spark lively classroom discussions around what students have learned and experienced during the simulation.

Have easy and instant access to learners’ grades

All student performance flows directly into the MyLab™ student and instructor Gradebook, helping instructors to manage results and calculate grades.

Use flexible assignment options for further student practice

Mini Sims offer 1 to 2 topics per chapter, allowing instructors the flexibility to assign multiple simulations throughout the course and give students the real-world application that they crave.

Challenge teams to think like real business professionals

NEW - Now available, Team Mini Sims operate like Mini Sims, but in a group setting. Instructors create small teams and assign them challenges they must complete as a unit. By working together, students improve their communication and collaboration skills — skills in high demand by today’s top employers.

Mini Sims and Team Mini Sims are available in select Business MyLabs:

MyLab Business Communication
MyLab Business Law
MyLab Entrepreneurship
MyLab Intro to Business
MyLab Management
MyLab Marketing

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