See concepts brought to life

Dynamic, embedded video

As you read through your eText you will encounter embedded videos that use real classroom footage to illustrate or expand on key chapter concepts. In this way, abstract or difficult-to-understand concepts are brought to life. You can read about a concept and then see it demonstrated with real teachers and students, helping you better understand course content.

Gauge your understanding

Interactive Assessments

Throughout your eText you will be presented with opportunities to check your understanding of key concepts through multiple-choice assessments. You will receive immediate feedback to guide your learning, help you focus on the concepts that require the most attention, and ensure you master key learning outcomes.

Build your skills to prepare for teaching

Application Exercises

Interactive Application Exercises and Assessments involving the analysis of dynamic videos, case studies, and artifacts help you apply and internalize your learning. Engaging in these learning experiences will help you practice and strengthen skills that prepare you for classroom observation and teaching.

Access your Pearson eText anytime, anywhere

Pearson eText

Pearson eText is a simple-to-use, personalized reading experience available within MyLab.

You can use your computer or the mobile app to easily highlight and take notes all in one place — even when offline.

Seamlessly integrated videos and rich media* give you access to the help you need, when you need it.

*Available with select titles.