Economics Digital Interactives & Experiments Video Transcript

Students experience real-world scenarios and learn core concepts with simulations in MyLab Economics.

Immerse your students in real-life, engaging situations. And deepen their understanding and critical thinking around fundamental economic concepts with Digital Interactives. From creating a monthly gas budget to analyzing trends in unemployment, students have the opportunity to experience concepts in action.

With these interactives, students complete activities and then check their knowledge via assessment. They receive immediate feedback and additional learning, while scores are sent directly to your gradebook.

Digital Interactives may also be used as a presentation tool in class. With many interactives utilizing real-time data being fed from the FRED, these experiences stay current and relevant to all types of classroom scenarios.

Students can directly interact with their course content using Experiments. Engage your students with microeconomic concepts in a game-like fashion. Activities vary from becoming a buyer or seller in a particular market, to observing how a per-unit tax on sales affects market prices and quantities.

Immersive simulation activities makes it easy to extend learning outside the class in an interactive way.