Mini Sims for Business

Video Transcript

So your students and colleagues're a great instructor. You connect with your students, you keep them engaged, and your lectures — rock star!

But you want to make sure your students are ready to apply what they've learned to real business problems in real business settings. This is what Mini Sims are all about.

Available with select versions of Pearson's acclaimed My Lab suite of interactive online learning tools and activities, Mini Sims helps students bring the business concepts they've learned in class to life.

By experiencing different business settings and professional roles, students make decisions to better understand and conquer the challenges today's business executives face.

It might be as an entrepreneur looking for financing, a marketing consultant helping a client price their products competitively, or a CEO reviewing a company's policies on ethics and social responsibility.

You can choose from one to two topical Mini Sims per textbook chapter, all written towards your books learning objectives, covering topics like leadership, accounting, and supply and demand.

Students are able to connect the dots between theory and practice while developing important critical-thinking skills and experiencing in real time the impact of decision making in business.

As their instructor, you'll have access to four different reports to monitor their performance and give you more insights into student learning.

In the end, your students gain an enriched perspective and better preparation for their future career.

The business world gets more fully prepared thinkers and decision-makers and your class achieves even greater Rockstar status.

Win. win. win.