Mini Sims for Business

Video Transcript

With Mini Sims and Team Mini Sims, students tackle REAL business problems in REAL business settings.

They act as entrepreneurs, managers, and even CEOs, and make a series of decisions related to key course concepts.

The simulations then create various scenario paths based on the answers given. This provides each student with a personalized learning experience and the chance to engage with course content like never before.

Integrated Learning Objectives help students focus their study efforts. And because they’re tied to the ones in the text, students can transition from their book to the simulation — without breaking stride.

As they work through the sims, students are awarded points and immediate feedback. Similar to the real world, not all answers are perfect.

Mentoring Moments and Your Boss’s Response offer students assistance and additional learning opportunities... to think critically and make decisions.

Once they complete the simulation, they receive their overall score and comments. By clicking on each decision point, they can dig deeper — to fully understand their choices and how they impact an organization.

For instructors, powerful reports provide a snapshot of overall performance at an individual, course, and learning outcome level.

They can see which concepts students have mastered and which ones need more review — giving them more insights into student learning.

And with all performance flowing directly into a Gradebook, instructors can easily manage results and calculate grades.

In the end... students gain an enriched perspective and better preparation for their future career, while the business world gets more fully equipped business thinkers and decision-makers.