Improve critical-thinking skills

Diagnostic Practice Assessments

Diagnosing automotive issues is an essential skill for automotive professionals, but can seem daunting to a novice. Build your skills and confidence with Diagnostic Practice assessments that challenge you to use your critical-thinking skills as you analyze the customer’s complaint, diagnose the problem, and select the appropriate repair. Immediate feedback provides you guidance throughout.

Prepare for the ASE exam

ASE Test Prep

To help you prepare for the ASE exam after graduation, MyLab Automotive features 800 ASE-style questions and test prep!

Personalize Learning and Reinforce Key Concepts

Pre-Test and Post-Test

Streamline your study time by identifying the content you have not mastered with Pre-Tests and Post-Tests that provide you with immediate feedback. Engaging learning aids such as eText content, videos, and animations are provided throughout the Pre-Test to support your learning.

Practice real-world job skills

Labeling Activities

Understanding the tools and parts you’ll be using in the shop is critical in your course and on the job. Save time and come prepared for shop by using the interactive drag-and-drop Labeling Activities to help you quickly identify important tools and parts.

Review difficult skills and concepts

Video Activities

The amount of text-based content you have to master can seem overwhelming. MyLab Automotive videos use voice-over explanations and instructional tips to bring content to life and demonstrate skills and concepts. Follow-up questions with instant feedback help you assess your understanding of the concepts before moving on.

Additional Features

24/7 access to online tutors*

Need help with homework? Everyone does once in a while. MyLab enables you to work one-on-one, in real-time with a tutor using an interactive whiteboard. Tutors will guide you through solving your problems using a problem-solving-based teaching style to help you learn underlying concepts. In this way, you’ll be better prepared to handle future assignments on your own.

*Please note that tutoring is available in selected MyLab products, and in those products you are eligible for one tutoring session of up to 30 minutes duration with your course. Additional hours can be purchased at reasonable rates.