An easier way for students to access primary source materials


MyAnthroLibrary provides an easy way for students to access primary source materials. And, it allows you to be more flexible in your course. Covering a wide range of anthropological topics, MyAnthroLibrary offers a variety of full-length ethnographies and more than 200 case studies and articles — all in one, convenient place.

Key terms and adaptive speed drills


Flashcards are consistently rated by students as one of the most useful features of MyLab Anthropology. Flashcards include the key terms from your textbook, along with an adaptive speed drill designed to help target your students’ study time. And Flashcards can be downloaded to smartphones, making it a snap for students to study on the go.

Link from your LMS to MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills

Link from your LMS to MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

You can now link from Blackboard Learn, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, or Moodle to MyACCUPLACER//MyLab Foundational Skills. Access assignments, rosters, and resources, and synchronize grades with your LMS gradebook.

For students, single sign-on provides access to all the personalized learning resources that make studying more efficient and effective.

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Additional Features

A powerful homework and test manager

A powerful homework and test manager lets you create, import, and manage online homework assignments, quizzes, and tests that are automatically graded. You can choose from a wide range of assignment options, including time limits, proctoring, and maximum number of attempts allowed. The bottom line: MyLab means less time grading and more time teaching.

Comprehensive online course content

Filled with a wealth of content that is tightly integrated with your textbook, MyLab lets you easily add, remove, or modify existing instructional material. You can also add your own course materials to suit the needs of your students or department. In short, MyLab lets you teach exactly as you'd like.

Robust gradebook tracking

The Gradebook offers an easy way for you and your students to see their performance in your course. Item Analysis lets you quickly see trends by analyzing details like the number of students who answered correctly/incorrectly, time on task, and more. And because it's correlated with the AACSB Standards, you can track students' progress toward outcomes that the organization has deemed important in preparing students to be leaders.

Easily scalable and shareable content

MyLab enables you to manage multiple class sections, and lets other instructors copy your settings so a standardized syllabus can be maintained across your department. Should you want to use the same MyLab course next semester, with the same customized settings, you can copy your existing course exactly — and even share it with other faculty members.