Accounting Time Value of Money Video Transcript

With the TVM Tutorial in MyLab Accounting, students practice using the Time Value of Money principle, to achieve mastery of it.

The tutorial teaches them the basic theory and formulas, while also testing their ability to apply TVM in the measurement of accounting concepts.

Students learn how to compute TVM using an instructor-chosen method, including Formulas, Tables, a Calculator, or Excel.

And with unlimited opportunities for practice, students can work through the problems at their own pace. If they get stuck, Hints help them to think critically about the problem... to get them back on track.

When students feel they’re ready, they can take a short quiz to gauge their understanding. If it [their understanding] doesn’t meet it, they must go back and work through the activities again until they better understand the concepts. If their score meets or exceeds the instructor-set mastery threshold, all activities as well as a Prove Mastery quiz are unlocked.

Made up of the same questions as Practice Mastery, Prove Mastery asks students to prove their knowledge. Results from Prove Mastery are then recorded in the MyLab Accounting Gradebook.

Similar to the modules on using TVM, the steps on applying work in the same way. Students are asked to apply the principle to an accounting concept, and work through the steps until they can show mastery of the TVM.

The TVM Tutorial allows instructors and students flexibility. So that students are ultimately prepared, for class and their career.

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