Question Types

Excel Projects

Using proven, field-tested technology, auto-graded Excel Projects let you seamlessly integrate Microsoft Excel content into your course without having to manually grade spreadsheets.

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Final Answer

Final Answer questions require students to demonstrate a higher level of comprehension of the concepts by entering only final answers.

Open Response

Open Response questions require students to type in their answers instead of choosing them from a drop-down menu. This helps students think critically while further preparing them for the format of their exam.


End-of-chapter Static Questions from the textbook provide students with learning opportunities through contextualized feedback.


Create your own algorithmic values for your custom questions, adding extra security to your questions as well as more opportunity for student practice.


End-of-Chapter Questions allow students to apply the content they have learned in the chapter through various question sets.


Choose from a large set of test questions, organized by chapter and ready for you to use in creating a test, based on the associated textbook material.

General Ledger

With an integrated General Ledger, students get the hands-on experience of posting to a ledger. They can launch the General Ledger software in MyLab Accounting, work on their accounts, post to the ledger, and save their work. The work is then auto-graded and their grades automatically flow to the MyLab Gradebook.