Data Analytics

Make smarter decisions. Build employability skills.

Companies increasingly rely on data to drive strategic business decisions. So, it’s important students have the knowledge and skills to turn data into a competitive advantage.

With Data Analytics, they learn how to analyze and manipulate real company data.

By using Pearson author-created content and the latest datasets, you can keep your materials fresh and relevant. And your students can make sound decisions that drive business performance — helping them thrive in the workplace.

Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting titles

Students receive a list of requirements, dataset, tutorial video, and instructions for using Excel, Tableau, and/or PowerBI.

They learn how to extract, examine, and report on key information about a company related to its products, operations, and consumer buying habits.


  • Turnkey for those who are new to data analytics
  • Easily assignable and auto-graded
  • Gain proficiency with analytical software

Intermediate Accounting titles*

*specifically, Gordon/Raaedy/Sanella’s Intermediate Accounting, 3e

Students get access to large data sets of financial statement information. They also receive requirements for analyzing the data to gain a better understanding of a company's performance.

Data analytics content is also included in every chapter of the text and in the end-of-chapter exercises.


  • Practice reading and analyzing company financial statements
  • Learn how to effectively use data visualizations to support findings

Accounting Information System (AIS) titles

AIS texts contain a new section (Part II / 4 chapters) devoted to data analytics.

Discussion includes relational databases as a basis for transaction processing systems, and as one of the sources for Big Data and Analytics. Also, the Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) process and various data analytic techniques.


  • Receive the latest developments on AISs
  • Understand how companies are using technology to improve their AISs

Auditing and Cost Accounting titles

Available for Auditing

Students receive an extensive introduction to auditing and assurance services, and instructions for using Excel, Tableau, and/or IDEA.

They learn how to analyze data of the sales and collection cycles for a hypothetical company.


  • Get insight into the various ways auditors are using ADA compliance in financial statement cycles to perform control, transaction, procedure, and detail tests
  • Gain proficiency with analytical software

Available for Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting texts now contain a new chapter (Ch. 11) on Data Analytics. It examines recent trends in big data and data analytics to manage revenues and predict costs.

All Chapter 11 problems and end-of-chapter questions in the text are assignable within MyLab.


  • Learn how management accountants help managers make decisions based on data analytic techniques
  • Understand how these techniques are used to transform the company and unlock significant cost-saving and revenue generating opportunities
  • Be in demand by companies who are increasingly looking for management accountants who can interface with data scientists

Available for both Auditing and Cost Accounting

The Merger is a comprehensive, standalone project within MyLab.

Students work with a dataset (from approx. 1.7M payroll records) of two merging companies and manipulate data to make important accounting decisions.


  • Gain exposure working with big data and learn about the importance of data integrity
  • Get experience importing, storing, organizing, and analyzing data in a database
  • An instructor’s manual covers how to assign, implement, and grade each project