Mastering Physics Primer and Direct Measurement Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page.

With the Physics Primer and Direct Measurement Videos, found in Mastering Physics, you can help students in two areas where they often struggle in introductory physics courses—developing math skills in the context of physics and visualizing word problems.

We know students can struggle with math—especially in the context of physics.

That’s why we created the Physics Primer.

The Physics Primer consists of tutorials that include hints, videos, and answer-specific feedback and can be assigned before the course begins or throughout the course as just-in-time remediation.

With the Physics Primer, you can ensure students build and maintain the math skills they need for success in introductory physics as well as future courses.

Another area where students often struggle in introductory physics is visualizing and solving word problems.

That’s where Direct Measurement Videos are helpful.

These short videos are paired with assessment and show real physical phenomena.

Grids, rulers, and frame counters appear as overlays and allow students to make precise measurements using quantities such as position and time.

Students apply these quantities along with physics concepts to solve problems and answer questions about the physical phenomena in the video.

This process helps them learn how to break down word problems.

Direct Measurement Videos bring word problems to life and help students develop problem-solving skills.

And there you have it. That was a quick look at just two of the valuable features in Mastering Physics. If you want to learn more about the Physics Primer or Direct Measurement Videos, go to

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