Supporting learning via scaffolding

Research has found that novices learn and process information in fundamentally different ways than those with more background knowledge. Therefore, it is critically important to provide these learners with the level of support they need, when they need it—a technique known as “scaffolding.”

Among the most effective forms of scaffolding is the use of worked examples of increasing complexity to foster constructive cognitive processing. In addition, on demand hints have been shown to help students learn, particularly when going step-by-step through problem-solving exercises.

Pearson Mastering Physics offers a practice environment that is fully informed by principles of effective scaffolding.

  • Video Tutor Solutions and Quantitative Prelecture Videos offer narrated, in-depth, visual lessons in problem solving, on demand.
  • Mastering Tutorials incorporate data gathered from all of the students using the program to offer wrong-answer and correct-answer feedback that is personalized for each student. Rather than simply providing feedback of the "right/wrong/try again" variety, Mastering provides hints that break the problem down into discrete steps, guiding students towards the correct final answer without giving the answer away.
  • Hints, videos, and animations are always just a click away throughout Mastering Physics.

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