Supporting knowledge retention

Pearson Mastering Physics incorporates proven cognitive science principles—spaced practice, retrieval practice, and feedback—to increase students' long-term retention. Research indicates that repetition over time—especially in varied contexts—boosts both encoding (how well knowledge is stored) and retrieval (how well knowledge can be remembered) of information.

Essentially, the more times a particular idea is encountered or a specific skill is practiced, the more likely it will be understood and committed to long-term memory. Mastering Physics offers students opportunities to apply what they’re learning in a number of different contexts.

By allowing students to repeatedly practice fundamental skills, and apply their knowledge to different types of problems, Mastering Physics helps to maximize student understanding and retention of key procedures and rules. In addition, pre-lecture assignments help students be better prepared to learn from class meetings, allowing them to spend class time solidifying and extending their existing knowledge.

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