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Pearson+ is available within your Mastering course. It gives you instant access to your course eTextbook and study tools, in one intuitive interface. Designed for students, by students, Pearson+ lets you choose how you learn best. You can listen to the audiobook, find what you need with enhanced search, and study your own way with notes and flashcards. The app lets you read where life takes you, no wi-fi needed.

Watch a video

Study on your own

Study Area

You can access the Study Area for use on your own or in a study group. The Study Area includes Cumulative Tests, RSS Feeds, Google Earth Activities, Virtual Field Trips, Animations, and book-specific activities.

SmartFigure Activities

See key illustrations brought to life

SmartFigure Activities

Found throughout many of our textbooks, SmartFigures are annotated illustrations that come to life as narrated videos in Mastering. These videos will assist in your understanding by explaining geology and Earth science concepts in a non-technical way.

Improve your geographic literacy

New - MapMaster™ 2.0 Interactive Map Activities

MapMaster 2.0 is a GIS inspired, digital atlas that gives you the ability to layer various thematic maps in order to analyze spatial patterns and data at regional and global scales. Now fully mobile, this tool includes zoom and annotation functionality with hundreds of map layers leveraging recent data from sources such as NOAA, NASA, USGS, United Nations, and the CIA. You can also upload your own data. Access MapMaster in the Study Area and use for self-study.

Watch a video

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Interact with real data!

GraphIt! Activities

GraphIt Activities help you learn to read, interpret, and create graphs that explore real environmental issues using real data. All activities explore current topics such as the carbon footprint of food, fresh water availability, and ocean acidification in an entirely new mobile experience with accessible design.

Study better — and at your own pace

Dynamic Study Modules

Dynamic Study Modules use the latest developments in cognitive science to help you study course topics by adapting to your performance in real time.

As a result, you build the confidence needed to deepen understanding, participate meaningfully, and perform better — in and out of class.

Use your computer or the MyLab and Mastering app to access Dynamic Study Modules. Available for select titles.

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Additional Features

Prepare for success

Chapter Quizzes and Practice Tests help you find out whether you're prepared for exams.

Wrong-answer feedback personalized for you

Using data gathered from all of the students using the program, Mastering offers wrong-answer feedback that is specific to you. Rather than simply providing feedback of the “right/wrong/try again” variety, Mastering guides you towards the correct final answer without giving the answer away.

Hints offer clear guidance

Mastering provides hints of two types that help you work through, and ultimately, solve problems. Declarative hints provide advice on how to approach the problem, guiding you to the final answer. Socratic hints break a problem down into smaller sub-problems, which makes it easier for you to complete the original problem.

Dynamic, engaging content

Using 3D animations, simulations, tutorials, and activities, Mastering utilizes engaging, interactive media to help you learn the toughest topics and succeed in your course.