Mastering Geology Gigipan Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page and Student Features page.

This is a GigaPan image.

GigaPans are high-resolution panoramic images that access NASA technology. Students can pan and zoom within this image to incredible levels.

Through the use of GigaPan images within MasteringGeology, you can take your students directly to field sites and have them observe the landscape themselves.

MasteringGeology has GigaPan activities available within your item library. They are categorized as coaching activities. This is an example of one of those GigaPans. See students are given some information before getting to the actual activity. They then get the link to the GigaPan image, which is open access. Instructions on what to do within the image are included in the Mastering homework activity.

There are then multi-part questions the student will answer. These activities are coaching activities, so they do include hints and specific wrong answer feedback. You’ll notice here that we have several different types of activities.

We saw drag and drops, timelines, and part C of this exercise is multiple select. Observations are critical in learning Geology, so you’ll notice these activities are very visual in nature.

To find GigaPan images in your item library, filter to coaching activities and then look for heading that start with “GigaPan.” You’ll find a great variety of GigaPan items within each Mastering Geology course.