Mastering Geography Mobile Field Trip Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page and Student Features page.

Do you have time for a quick spin around the Great Basin and Mojave deserts?

We’re here to learn about desert landforms, what shapes and surfaces are found in this dry environment.

Geoscientist and renowned Earth photographer, Michael Collier, flies paddles, ziplines his way through interesting landscapes, supplementing his videos with maps and animations. Collier makes observations or historical references, while exploring patterns, ecosystems, and processes of geographic significance.

Collier’s mobile field trips are available in the study area of Mastering, but they can also be assigned to students by selecting videos/animation from the item library and selecting The Geography Mobile Field Trips.

Each Mobile Field Trip video will have several parts of multiple choice questions that are auto-graded by Mastering. The link for students to watch the video will be included within the exercise. Students will be asked questions like, “What causes strings that emerge from glaciers to be milk-colored?”

As they even watch the video, the video may occasionally stop to ask students questions about what they’re watching. Students will need to answer the question before the video moves on.