Mastering MapMaster Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page and Student Features page.

So...Why are US obesity rates going up?

With climate change and water shortages, can farmers grow enough food for everyone?

I wonder how my county voted in the last couple of elections?

Your students have questions.

MapMaster 2.0 encourages students to ask questions,  explore geographic data, and discover answers.

All while developing an understanding patterns and processes from around the world.

Inspired by GIS, MapMaster is purpose-built for education and introductory courses.

MapMaster empowers students to explore and compare layers of spatial data.

They develop critical-thinking skills and improve their geographic literacy by analyzing different patterns and relationships.

Exploring data also helps students understand important issues and keeps them engaged in the classroom

With a single click, students can send and share maps.

What’ll happen when there’s no more oil?

MapMaster provides hundreds of thematic maps that use the latest geographic data from the world’s most trusted sources!

And you can upload your own data to compare and analyze for true web-GIS experience

All while developing an understanding of patterns and processes from around the world.

Look! I uploaded all the earthquakes from this week.

Wait, 27 since yesterday? Any close to us?

MapMaster activities and maps encourage your students to collaborate.

Available in many Mastering platforms, MapMaster 2.0 is mobile ready, ADA compliant, and easy to use!

MapMaster 2.0: Empowering students to visualize and analyze geographic data to better understand their world.

What’s your map look like?