Tutorial Homework Problems

Wrong-answer feedback personalized for each student

MasteringEngineering responds to a wide variety of common wrong answers that students enter at any step of a tutorial homework problem with immediate feedback specific to their error.

Optional Hints

MasteringEngineeirng provides hints of two types that help students work through, and ultimately solve, problems. Declarative hints provide advice on how to approach the problem while Socratic hints break a problem down into smaller sub-problems.

Tutorial homework problems are developed for each course to support the problem solving techniques specific for that course. Here are a few examples of answer entry in MasteringEngineering beyond numerical input:

Plotting Mohr’s Circle for a specific element.

Plotting Mohr’s Circle

Plotting the bending moment diagram for a beam.

Plotting the bending moment diagram

Identifying key points on Stress/Strain curve for a given material.

Identifying key points