Ready-to-Go Teaching Module Video Transcript

This is a transcript of the video on the Educator Features page.

Here at Pearson, I have the good fortune to be able to travel around the country, and talk with instructors and students in all 50 states.

I ask instructors what they think of Pearson’s teaching and learning materials, a common theme often emerges.

instructors are often very curious to know how their colleagues are using these materials, and they are particularly interested in hearing from colleagues who have real success using them to drive student learning and retention.

is also a lot of interest in active learning. How do you successfully integrate active learning into the classroom? Well, I am very pleased to say that we now have a tool that will help with this, available 24 hours a day, called the Ready-To-Go Teaching Modules.

The Ready-To-Go Teaching Modules is an instructor resource. It was created by teachers, for teachers, and it pulls out the very best that the text, Mastering, and Learning Catalytics has to offer. These modules are designed to provide you with activities and assignments that you can use before, during, and after class.

So, maybe you want a reading quiz, you want to push your students through the reading before class. Maybe you need a 15 minute activity to liven things up in class, get the students engaged again. Maybe you need an after-class homework that really hits on those core concepts that you were trying to make sure they understood during lecture. We’ve got you covered.

So the Ready-To-Go Teaching Modules created by instructors uses materials every day, in partnership with our authors that will help your students succeed in mastering these tough tough topics.