Mastering A&P - GapFinder Video Transcript

GapFinder helps students identify and remediate gaps in knowledge that may hold them back from succeeding in their A&P course.

Gap Finder is most effective when used early in the course.

Instructors assign GapFinder Diagnostics modules from assignment types within Dynamic Study Modules. And students access GapFinder for self-study — at any time — by simply clicking on the Dynamic Study Modules link.

Students begin with a short diagnostic assessment in a given subject area. The questions, carefully crafted by A&P subject experts, challenge students on foundational topics they are expected to understand to be ready to learn A&P content.

Students click once to indicate if they are unsure of the answer or twice if they are confident in their answer.

They can even select “I don’t know yet.”

After completing and submitting the initial assessment, students automatically receive their results, showing what subjects they have mastered, their levels of uncertainty, and levels of misinformation — at both overall and topic levels.

GapFinder then recommends a personalized list of remediation modules, using the same learning-science-based, adaptive approach as Dynamic Study Modules.

Students can select multiple answers to reflect their levels of confidence and get feedback after a set of questions. The targeted feedback challenges students and helps them learn as they progress through a module. They can even see their own confidence levels change.

GapFinder shares student results, including average performance, time spent, and levels of mastery, uncertainty, and misinformation.

Instructors can also see common gaps and strengths at the class level.

So, set your students up for success in their A&P course.

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