Welcome to Modified Mastering

The enhanced Modified Mastering platform is designed to provide an improved experience for you and your students. All customers will soon transition to the new platform. Keep reading to learn more about what’s better and what’s changing.

What’s better in Modified Mastering?

LMS Integration: You can pair your Modified Mastering course with popular Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle). After initial setup, you and your students can open Modified Mastering assignments and other content from your LMS — without being asked to sign in again. Also, Mastering grades can be synced to your LMS gradebook.

Temporary Access: Students can access a course without payment for a limited time (typically 14 days) to begin their coursework and avoid missing deadlines. Temporary access benefits students who are waiting for financial aid.

Analytics Dashboard: See how students are engaging with the reading thanks to the new eText Analytics Dashboard.

Shared Documents: Class participants can upload and download shared documents, videos, and other files.

All Courses in One Place: Students can open courses in different disciplines from the same course list — especially helpful for students using Modified Mastering in multiple courses during the same semester.

Course Management Options: Customize your courses to address different class needs and easily communicate with students:

  • Edit the course menu.
  • Add content pages, files, and links.
  • Email students directly from Modified Mastering.
  • Create threaded discussions and post topics so students can share ideas with you and each other at a time that works best for them.
  • Get personalized student registration handouts directly from the course tile on the My Courses page.

What’s changing from standard Mastering?

Mastering and Modified Mastering look similar, but have a few key differences, including:

  • Course navigation: You’ll recognize navigation options from the course home. The course menu will be different, with more options. In particular, you may need to open course assignments, the gradebook, Dynamic Study Modules, and other course features from a new location. See Modified Mastering Navigation Tips.
  • Section instructors: Section instructors enroll with a Section Instructor access code at the Pearson MyLab and Mastering site. (Section instructors are automatically granted almost all course privileges, so you may want to adjust these.) See Section Instructor help for details.

See a full feature comparison.

How do I transition my Mastering course?

Sign in now to access your standard Mastering courses from the MyLab and Mastering My Courses page. Starting in June 2020, when you copy your standard Mastering course it will automatically transition to a Modified Mastering course. Here’s how:

  • From the My Courses page, select the Details icon on the course tile.
  • Select Copy this course and follow instructions on the screen.
  • Once your course is created, you will see a new course tile on the My Courses page.

What do I need to know as a high school educator?

The transition to Modified Mastering, including the features and benefits outlined above, applies to all Advanced Placement®, Honors, and Electives high school educators using Mastering.

However, there are some specific details that apply to our high school educators only, including how to transition your course to Modified Mastering. Review these details before starting the transition process and save our flyer for future reference. Please do not follow the instructions in the section above entitled “How do I transition my Mastering course?”.

We will continue to update this page and the flyer above if there are any additional details key to your course transition. Please bookmark this website and check back as needed.

Please refer to this migration guide for high school teachers for detailed instructions.

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