Freehand Grader

Authentic assessment of student understanding

Freehand Grader (beta) is the grading technology in MyLab® and Mastering® that creates an authentic assessment experience for both instructors and students.

Freehand Grader, available as a new assignment type, allows you to quickly grade any kind of handwritten assignment. As you grade, you indicate the grading criteria and build the rubric question-by-question. This grade-as-you go approach lets you add notes to provide students with individual feedback.

Students upload their hand-written solutions, including all the steps that go into their responses. Their work provides insight into their thought processes, showing what they know, not just a final answer.

By seeing these steps, you gain a deeper understanding of a student’s thought process and can provide personalized, meaningful feedback.

Experience effective and meaningful assessment

Create powerful assessments for any problem type.
Streamline the standard paper-based grading process with easy online grading.
Support uploading problem  sets and projects, including worksheets and papers. 
Give students the flexibility to download assignments and complete them on paper or online with a stylus or tablet.
Provide students with personalized feedback.