Design the support you need for your course

Comprehensive online course content

Filled with a wealth of content, MyLab Research is available as a standalone online solution. It’s packed with interactive digital learning tools, testing facilities and instant, robust feedback for both you and your students. In short, it’s everything you need to engage your students in research methods.

You can also tightly integrate the resource with the author approach of your choosing. Choose from amongst our popular Howitt and Cramer Research Methods series or select Dancey’s Statistics without Mathematics.

Design the support you need

Engage your students with interactive material

The multimedia library

We’ve packed our multimedia library with an array of engaging content. Mini-simulations help your students develop their critical thinking faculties as they pick their path from a multitude of possible options. Podcasts bring research scenarios to life in greater clarity and allow students to study on the move. Videos, covering SPSS and focus group scenarios, break key concepts into easily digestible learning segments. A glossary of terms covers basic maths and numeracy skills and acts as a reference to consolidate learning as students move through your course.

You can easily add, remove, or modify existing instructional material. You can also add your own course materials to suit the needs of your students or your department.

In short, MyLab Research lets you teach your course, your way.

Manage your grades and track individual student progress

Robust gradebook tracking

The Lab contains over 1200 practice questions that you can make available to students for self-study or assign to your students as part of your formative assessments.

If you choose to assign the material, the online gradebook will automatically track your students' results so you can quickly and easily identify their strengths and weaknesses, both as individuals and as an aggregate whole, enabling you to focus your teaching on their specific needs.

The gradebook also provides a number of flexible grading options, including exporting grades to a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. And, it lets you measure and document your students' learning outcomes.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Integration

Direct access to MyLab

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Integration

You can now link from any VLE platform to MyLab. Access MyLab assignments, rosters and resources, and synchronise MyLab grades with your VLE gradebook. For students, new direct, single sign-on provides access to all the personalised learning MyLab resources that make studying more efficient and effective.

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Additional Features

Easily scalable and shareable content

MyLab Research lets you manage multiple class sections, and other instructors can copy your settings so a standardised syllabus can be maintained across your department. If you've spent time customising your MyLab Research course and want to use the same course next term, you can copy your existing course, preserve all your customisations, and share with other instructors.

Powerful homework and test manager

You can choose from hundreds of exercises available for your specific course, and can even choose from a selection of different books to accompany the material to provide an almost limitless number of study options. You can create, import, and manage online homework assignments, quizzes, and tests—or start with “Ready to Go” assignments—all of which are automatically graded, allowing you to spend less time grading, and more time teaching!