"An Introduction to MyLab Research"

Video Transcript

MyLab Research

A new way to up skill, engage and increase the confidence of your research methods students

What do your students expect when they come to study Psychology?

An exploration into the dizzying mind of Sigmund Freud?

Discussions around Pavlov and his dogs?

The study of qualitative and quantitative research methods to concretely substantiate their theories and underpin their logic??

We know that for many students, research methods can lack those interesting and engaging components of psychology that brought them to you in the first place.

They can struggle with the material. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and often have differing prior levels of achievement.

And we know that students can lack confidence when applying research methods to their projects.

So we’ve designed MyLab Research with leading academics from universities throughout the UK.

It’s an online resource covering key qualitative and quantitative research topics, packed with interactive digital learning tools, testing facilities and robust feedback for both students and teachers.

The Lab contains over 1200 practice questions that you can make available for self-study or assign to your students as part of your formative assessments.

If you choose to assign the material, the results will feed into the gradebook. You can use this information to get deeper insight into student knowledge and to gauge and help shape their future performance.

This online resource includes a selection of engaging material, including videos, covering SPSS and focus group scenarios, and podcasts, bringing research scenarios to life with greater clarity.

Mini-scenarios help your students develop critical thinking as they pick their path from an array of possible options.

A glossary of terms covers basic maths and numeracy skills and acts as a reference to consolidate learning as students move through your course.

And these are just a few of the features that are available within MyLab Research.

As a university lecturer, you’re entitled to free trial access of our digital products. Sign up for your trial today to discover all the resources this Lab has to offer. You can request access from MyLab Research.com. Just fill in your details and we’ll send you back a code to use in setting up your course. It’s as simple as that.