Learning that's personalized for you

Not every student learns the same way and at the same rate. Thanks to advances in adaptive learning technology, we can now offer you a personalised learning journey.

MyLab Math’s adaptive study plan test you up-front on the key content you need to know to succeed in your course. After taking a test or quiz, MyLab Math analyses the results to provide you with personalised homework assignments so that you can focus solely on just the topics and objectives they have yet to master.

Get just-in-time help

Interactive Exercises with Immediate Feedback

MyLab Math's homework and practice exercises reflect the approach and learning style of your textbook or eText, and regenerate algorithmically to give you unlimited opportunity for practice and mastery.

Most exercises include learning aids, such as guided solutions, sample problems, and extra help as you're working through them, and they offer helpful feedback when you enter incorrect answers.

Accessible from any device

Mobile-Friendly Design

MyLab Math's exercise player has been updated with a new, streamlined, mobile-friendly design. You can access your course from iPad® and Android® tablets to work on exercises and review completed assignments on the go.

Manage your grades and track your progress

Comprehensive Gradebook

The online gradebook helps you track your results on tests, homework, and practice exercises so you always know where you stand in the course. And because it's linked to your instructor's gradebook, it makes it easy for your instructor to monitor your progress and provide you with extra help as necessary.