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  • University of Southampton, UK

    The University of Southampton promoted the use of MyLab Math to their foundation year engineering students by setting formative homework assignments. They are pleased with the good student feedback received and plan to implement more features of the system in subsequent years.

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  • University of Sheffield, UK

    University of Sheffield wanted to offer even more support to their students but this was hard with resources under pressure. They chose to replace face-to-face problem classes with weekly assessed homework in MyLab Math and added past papers for revision through the system too.

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  • National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

    This lecturer uses MyLab Math as an easily manageable way of providing continuous assessment for campus students, and to provide distance learning students with a rich learning environment.

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  • TU Eindhoven, Netherlands

    This lecturer encourages his students to learn new mathematical techniques by practising them in MyLab Math. It offers a motivating, game-like atmosphere and students like that they can get online help at home, at any time that suits them.

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