MyLab Math for Biosciences

MyLab Math for Biosciences has been crafted in collaboration with university lecturers to address issues often faced with students’ mathematical fluency in the biological sciences.  Diagnostic testing via a study plan allows lecturers to quickly and easily pinpoint students’ weaknesses and strengths so as to design tailored and effective classroom activities and to close the skills gap that is often present at the start of a course.  An adaptive algorithm sitting behind every question gives students the opportunity for unlimited practice of core concepts, enabling them to build their confidence at their own pace.  There is a demonstrable application of maths to the main subject areas, equipping students with a contextual understanding of the knowledge they need to be successful in their courses.

The Lab offers fully flexible, comprehensive online support.  You have the option to pair it with one of our core reading texts.

MyLab Math for Business & Economics

A range of MyLab Maths aimed specifically at improving the maths skills of business students are available. These specialised labs not only improve student’s grasp of maths, they also teach them how these skills can be applied in a professional environment.

The Quantitative Methods MyLab can be used alongside any textbook. Comprising over 1,000 questions organised around common learning outcomes this MyLab is a fantastic tool for large courses and for student groups that have a wide range of Maths ability.

If you are using one of the following Pearson textbooks, we recommend this lab is used to accompany them.

  • Morris, Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 8/e
  • Wall, Quantitative Methods for Business and Management
  • Wisniewski, Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers, 5/e

MyLab Math for Engineering

Understanding key mathematical concepts and applying them successfully to solve problems are vital skills every engineering student must acquire. MyLab MathGlobal paired with one of our leading engineering maths textbooks provides your students with the skills they need to be successful in their chosen field.

We offer an array of support from basic foundation engineering resources to more advanced material to support higher order learning.

MyLab Math for Foundation Maths

We know that while mathematical skills are a key element of many degree programmes across the university that not every student joins their course with the level of skills they require to be successful in their studies. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a strong portfolio of resources for the development of foundational skills in mathematics and have paired it with the unlimited practice opportunities and assessment tools available in MyLab Math Global.

We offer an array of support from basic foundation engineering resources to more advanced material to support higher order learning.